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The Incrowd Launches It's New Website

October 11, 20232 min read

The Incrowd is your gateway to unforgettable experiences, and we're taking it to the next level. This is why we have made some huge changes to our website and booking systems. In honor of our launch we are bringing out Fredo Bang, (Oct 13th at Heist) Joie Chavis, and Chantel Jeffries (Oct 14th The Baddie Ball at Noto


The Incrowd is an Event Management Company that specializes in nightclubs, live performances, and private events. We exist to provide high quality entertainment and bring you memorable experiences. As one of Houston’s Premier Event Management Companies we bring you more than just nightclubs. Instead, we give you an experience that leaves you feeling like you’ve just peaked behind the scenes of the entertainment industry.

Experience the best nightclubs in Houston, the highest level of customer service, and exclusive access to the top events. It's time to rub shoulders with the cities elite and The Incrowd is you passport to another world.


This week we are bringing back Fredo Bang on Oct 13th, 2023. Tickets and tables (sections) are selling fast so if you haven’t already check out the website to get your exclusive access.

Fredo Bang Live In Houston - The Incrowd

Then, on Oct 14th we are bringing you the baddie ball. Joie Chavis and Chantel Jeffries host the most beautiful women in the city. Grab your tickets here so you don’t miss either of these events.

Joie Chavis and Chantel Jeffries Host the Baddie ball


We've revamped many of our systems to improve your experience when working with us. Below are a few areas where the website will help us serve your better. We've also created website for all our major nights.

  1. We have upgraded our party concierge specialist staff to better handle booking sections (tables)

  2. We have included a chat widget at the bottom of every page so you can quickly ask questions and get a response from our team.

  3. We have added a customer support number so you can reach out to our team and ask any questions that you may have.

  4. We have added a work with us website ( if you are interested in employment opportunities. Just fill out the form on that website and we’ll review your application.

  5. We have added birthday packages specifically to help you experience nightlife on a different level.

  6. We have partnered with luxury car rental companies to bring you exotic cars, party buses, and luxury cars for any occasion.

This is just the beginning as we will be continuously updating our processes to give you a great experience. When it comes to crafting the best nightclubs we are not focused on anything else.

So join us this weekend for the Incrowd Website Release Weekend featuring Fredo Bang, Joie Chavis and Chantell Jeffries.

We’ll see you outside!

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